Upcoming Events at Velopark – February and March 2023

Dear Resident


Please see below a list of upcoming events at the Velopark for February and March.

Please contact your Neighbourhood Housing Lead in the first instance if you have any questions.

Event Name Run Through
Chase the Moon
Run Through
Road Races
Run Through
QEOP Half Marathon
Run Through
Chase the Moon
Alzheimer’s Society
Glow walk
Bump In Date N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Bump In Time N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Event Date/s 08/02/2023 25/02/2023 05/03/2023 08/03/2023 10/03/2023
Event Times 19:00 – 21:00 09:00 – 12:00 09:00 – 12:15 19:00 – 21:00 19:30 – 22:00
Bump Out Date N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Bump Out Time N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Outside PA Use No Small PA at the rear of the Venue Yes No No
Outside Broadcast Compound No No No No No
Notes Run using the QEOP north park areas, max 500 runners Run using road circuit at the VeloPark Run using all of QEOP and the VeloPark/HTC areas 3500 runners inc. road closures Run using the QEOP north park areas, max 500 runners Walk using the QEOP north park areas, max 500 runners


Please check the following websites for futher information.





Chobham Manor Residents – LLDC Survey, Phase 2 Residents

Dear Residents


What’s it like living at Chobham Manor Phase 2?

This is the last chance to have your say! You could win £200 in Westfield vouchers just for taking part. 


The LLDC are proud of the community at Chobham Manor, and hope you like living here too.

If you live in Phase 2, this is your last chance to share your views about your home and neighbourhood through a quick survey of just 15 min.

As a thank you for taking part you will be entered into a draw to win one of a range of prizes and rewards – including Westfield vouchers!


Taking part is simple – you just need to follow this link https://bit.ly/3xVVqJg


There’s also an option to take part in further feedback sessions and in-home studies which you’ll find out more about once you’ve completed the survey.

We really value your feedback and want to hear both positive and negative comments so please feel free to be critical if you wish – all comments you make will be anonymised.


By participating in this study, you will be helping us to build a more sustainable community. Your feedback will shape the next generation of housing in your neighbourhood and beyond.

If you have any questions before taking part in the study or would like this in a different language, you can email the team at LLDCPOE2021@prp-co.uk or text 07917785175

Heating and Water Outages – Update



Dear Resident,


It was noted that there was outages to heating and water over the last few days and we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.  ENGIE have confirmed that there was an issue with the control system which is now being closely monitored.

Please note as per your heat agreement, you can make complaints to ENGIE directly and request compensation for the inconvenience.

Protected: Estate Management Spreadsheet

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Short Term Letting/Airbnbs

Dear Resident

We have noticed that there appears to be an increasing number of residents subletting their properties on short term lets ie. airbnbs, which have been identified across the estate

Please note that Short Term Letting is not permitted under any circumstances and is a breach of the terms and conditions outlined in your leasehold or tenancy agreement.

L&Q take this sort of activity, very seriously and we will be investigating and taking the relevant action against any residents who are suspected of doing this.

We will be monitoring this very closely and also would ask residents as a whole to be vigilant to any incidents that they may feel be in relation to this.

Short Term Letting is likely to impact other residents, this includes Anti-Social Behaviour – including noise nuisance, damage and mistreating of communal areas, which is quite unfair for other residents.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact your Neighbourhood Housing  Lead in the first instance.


Update from PCM

Dear Residents,

Please see message below from PCM.


It has been brought to our attention by some residents that there doesn’t seem to be a reasonable grace period for vehicles to drop off/pick up within a few minutes. We have taken this viewpoint to our parking operator and have agreed the following with PCM, effective immediately. Any vehicle parked in a restricted area will now be allowed a 5 min ‘grace period’. Photographic evidence will be taken of any vehicle showing a 5 minute observation period before enforcement action is taken. This will allow for residents to have a short period to drop off/pick up. Any vehicle that is evidenced to have parked for longer than the agreed 5 min period, and has been issued with a parking charge notice (PCN) will have to either pay or appeal the charge. L&Q will not get involved or intervene with such disputes. We hope this will afford for residents to use this short period to drop off/pick up without receiving a PCN but also for PCM to enforce restricted areas for vehicles that park for extended periods. ‘


Update on Seagulls Issue


Hello Resident,


We are aware that there is an ongoing issue with seagulls, particularly during the spring and summer months.

We have looked into putting something in place to help prevent this  ongoing issue and spoken with a number of our Pest Control Contractors. They have advised the following at this stage:

Gulls nesting on buildings in London are likely to be either Lesser Black Backed Gulls or Herring Gulls. Both are protected species so therefore we have to ensure that we are using legal methods in tackling the issue.

Wild gulls in the United Kingdom are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. While they may have become far more numerous in our towns and cities, many species have declined dramatically in their natural habitat. As such, it is illegal to kill, catch or injure wild gulls in the UK without a permit.

Crucially you have to be able to provide evidence of significant harm that the birds are causing. NOT nuisance, but harm. Anything less than that will mean that you will not be granted a licence, which would be a requirement.


Due to the regulations in place for this we are currently exploring some alternative options that we hope will be effective in deterring them from the estate.  We understand this is something we need to have place as soon as possible and so therefore we will continue to keep  residents updated with our plan of action regarding this.


Christmas Tree Disposal and Collection


Dear Resident

We would like to inform residents that if you have any Christmas Trees that need to be disposed, these should be left outside of your block, ensuring that it is not causing any obstruction. Caretakers will be be picking them up on a daily basis placing them in storage ready for collection from Newham.

Can residents please ensure that any trees they want to be disposed are left outside by their blocks by midday Wednesday 11th January 2023.  Failure to dispose of your tree ahead of this arranged collection will require residents to arrange their own collection.

If L&Q have to arrange disposal of these then this will be chargeable back to residents.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact your Neighbourhood Housing Lead.

Thank you for your cooperation.





Reminder about Bulk Waste Disposal.

Dear Residents

We are seeing a lot of bulk items being left in bin stores and residents are not following the correct procedure in regards to the disposal of bulk items.


PLEASE NOTE  You can book collection of bulky waste via Newham’s Website.  Once this has been booked you can place any bulk items in the bin store, however a note must be applied on your items with a reference number & date to prove you have reported this to Newham Council to pick up.  Failure to do this will result in your Neighbourhood Housing Lead raising a communal job for bulk rubbish to be collected and this charge would be paid by ALL residents under communal charges. To prevent issues regarding this, please follow the correct procedure.


We will also be checking for offenders via CCTV and further action will be taken if we identify that L&Q residents are dumping bulk items without following the correct procedure.


If you have any further questions regarding this please contact your Neighbourhood Housing Lead.


Thank you for your co-operation on this matter.