London Aquatic Centre – Emergency Situation

Hi All,

We hope this update finds you and your loved ones well.

In light of the gas leak at the London Aquatic Center, I wanted to provide residents reassurances that L&Q are actively communicating with the London Aquatic Center management team and neighbouring E20 services to ensure that any critical information is passed on to the community in real time.

I understand this has caused some uncertainty and concerns amongst the community. We have been assured by the LAC management team that there is no action required at present in response to this incident. However, I would strongly advise residents and their visitors to not venture towards the cordoned off area and stay away from this particular area.

Should you have any questions or would simply like to talk about the matter, please do send me an email at

Thank you for your understanding.


Arafat Hussain (L&Q)


2022/2023 Service Charge Surgery – Update

Hi All,

Hope all is well. As you know, myself and the L&Q Service Charge team held a virtual surgery on the 8/03/2022 whereby a few residents attended and posed their queries on the back of the 2022/2023 estimates.

We want to allow more residents to have the chance to speak with us so we can help resolve any queries you may have. Myself and the L&Q Service Charge Team are planning to arrange a second virtual surgery in the very near future to answer any 2022/2023 estimate queries. However in preparation for this, please could you email myself at requesting to speak with us. Please ensure that you let us know which times work best for you and detail your query in the same email. When detailing your query, please kindly relate the queries to the latest 2022/2023 estimates.

Please note, we may be in touch ahead of the surgery with responses to your queries. Any remaining queries, we will address in the call with you.

Thank you.


Arafat Hussain and L&Q Service Charge Team.


New Housing Structure – Residents Notification

Hi All,

As you may know, L&Q have been making some exciting and critical changes to the housing management structure. The link below will take you to the document that will provide more details on what you can expect in the the next few months or so. We have listened to you and tried to implement the necessary changes to improve service delivery.

Housing Restructure Notification

Thank you.


Arafat Hussain

Property Manager

Chobham Manor – Service Charge Virtual Surgery

Hi All,

Hope all is well.

You should be in receipt of the 2022/2023 service charge statements and although we are confident we are actively implementing various new ways of working to improve service charge correspondence, queries and more, myself and the service charge team have set up a virtual surgery for residents to join and discuss any potential queries you may have in light of the recent service charge letter. Within the recent service charge letter, you will note there is a mentioning of the surgery which is due to take place. More details are as follows:

The virtual surgery will be held in the following format:

Surgery Date: Tuesday, 8th March 2022

Surgery Time: 15:00 – 17:00

Type: Virtual (Phone call)

Attendees from L&Q: Arafat Hussain (Property Manager), Louis Ward (Service Charge Lead), Samantha Hughes (Service Charge Manager)

Please email Arafat Hussain at to book a 15 minute slot between 15:00 – 17:00. Please ensure you provide a preferred contact number. If your desired slot is taken by another resident, we will slot you in to the next available slot. You won’t have to worry about joining the meeting, we will dial you in with your preferred number. Once the 15 minute slot has ended we kindly ask that any additional queries are followed up by email. Myself and the service charge team will endeavor to respond in due course. We will need to move on to the next resident as swiftly as possible to ensure a fair and equal process is preserved. Due to a high expected volume of participants, we will only attempt to call you twice, if we cannot get through to you, not to worry, we will send you an email asking for you to highlight your queries which we will respond to in due course. Thereafter, we will provide you with a case reference.

I would kindly ask that when emailing to book a slot, you highlight your queries as well. This will enable myself and the service charge team to investigate them before the surgery and possibly provide you with a response before the surgery date.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to speak to many great residents on Tuesday 8th March 2022. Be safe and speak soon.



Arafat Hussain and the L&Q Service Charge Team.