Abercrombie Road

New PCM visitor parking discount code

Hi All,

Please note, the new parking discount code for Abercrombie Road is as follows:


This now replaces the following expired code:


Should you encounter any issues, please email me at ahussain3@lqgroup.org.uk 


Thank you.

Chobham Manor LLP.

Christmas Tree Collection – Update

Hi All,

First and foremost, thank you to everyone for their ongoing patience with the Christmas Tree collections from Newham’s waste management team. I completely understand the urge to get rid of the Christmas Trees, but I kindly ask that you bear with me whilst I liaise with Newham on scheduling a collection.

As difficult as it may be, please refrain from disposing of the trees until I have written to you to confirm the collection date. When the collection date is confirmed, I will ask for all residents to kindly leave their trees outside of their respective buildings / houses whereby Newham will collect.

Once again, thank you for your ongoing patience and apologies for any inconvenience. Please also share this with your neighbours to ensure they are aware.