Chobham Manor – recent suspicious vehicles

Hi All,

Thank you for taking the time to report the recent incidents in relation to the vehicle below. I have sent out an SMS to corroborate this website post.

Please ensure that any of your personal belongings i.e. bikes and other similar items of value are stored out of sight in the rear of your property. If you living within the building, please ensure that the bike store doors locks are fully engaged.

If you live in a street property, please avoid keeping valuable belongings in the front porch, so to avoid any attention.

I can only assume, due to the recent panic buying of fuel, individuals are now taking to certain developments in the hope that they will find jerry cans stored outside of properties.

Should you witness any suspicious behaviour or spot the same vehicle below – please immediately inform the police and report it to myself at . We will need the crime reference number also.

All reports received over the weekend and today have been logged and passed onto the police. With the added report to police, from yourself, it reinforces the urgency.

Thank you for taking the time to read (image below).

Chobham Manor LLP


Abercrombie Road

PCM discount code – September

Hello all,

Please note the new PCM discount code for Abercrombie Parking for September.


Thank you.

Chobham Manor LLP.