*Do not ignore* – Use of break glass within buildings

Hi All,

Please can you make sure that the break glass units are not used as a regular means of leaving the building.

Activating the break glass unit leaves the building insecure. The mechanical locks do not engage.

The break glass uses more electricity to release the locks on the doors and therefore, misuse of it can lead to a faulty door. This then means all other repairs are service chargeable and at a high cost to all other residents. Furthermore, upon using the break glass, it was requires a reset which only staff members can carry out. Until that is resolved, the building is left free for anyone to access.

Please note: If you see the yellow horizon, as can be seen in the image above, this means that the door will not lock unless the break glass unit is reset. Please do not call L&Q and have a contractor attend, until I have visited and investigated in the first instance.

Only under emergency situations, should you use the break glass i.e. Fire or if the regular push to exit button is not working. In which case, you should email ahussain3@lqgroup.org.uk and inform me of the situation.

Thank you for understanding. I would be grateful if this information is cascaded to your neighbours.

Arafat Hussain – Property Manager

Phase 3 play area launch

The play area in Phase 3 of the Chobham Manor development was officially opened on Wednesday 23 June 2021.


A small opening ceremony was quickly put together by Arafat Hussain, Property Manager.  Three families attended with their young children as well as Chobham Manor Residents’ Association representatives, Taylor Wimpey and L&Q representatives.

Milo, Farheen, Fardeen and Sadiya (pictured), were invited to cut the ribbon and officially open the play area. The sun was on our side and the children really enjoyed playing on the new equipment. Now open, we’re sure many children living at Chobham Manor will have fun playing in their new zone.

We ask you kindly when visiting the play area, please be mindful and adhere to social distancing guidelines.


Derny Avenue – Planned pavement works

Hi All,

The pedestrian crossings pavement curb on Derny Avenue will be having works carried out to it from Monday (19th July). The works are anticipated to be completed by Friday (24th July).

Please see attached drawing for more clarity.

Thank you

Chobham Manor LLP


Intercom / Receiver advice

Hi All,

After noting the issues residents are having with the receiver within their flat, I wanted to take the time to ensure that before a call out is booked with the contractors, that you check the below first and attempt the proposed resolution.

Does your intercom have any of the below faults:

  1. time and date defaulting (incorrect)
  2. Calls are not transferring through to your internal device

If so, please contact me at AHussain3@lqgroup.org.uk 

This is usually related to a flat battery issue. The battery replacement required is known as  CR2032 battery. A medium sized circular battery.

Thank you.

Arafat Hussain – Property Manager

Phase 1 Rain Garden – Update

Hi all residents of Chobham Manor,

To ensure that the phase one raingarden area looks its best in the coming months.

We have engaged the services of a professional landscape company to restore in the best way we can the wild flower areas and adjacent areas.

This will be an  “instant” meadow. Therefore we will be planting 12 per m2 Wildflower plug plants to the area which will give a mixture of colour for the rest of the season, and this is based on 100% coverage of all existing meadow areas (perimeter).  The centre lawn area of the rain garden will be mowed and maintained throughout summer for the purpose of recreational use.

The entirety of these works will bear no cost to residents of Chobham Manor.

The wildflower (perimeter), for an instant emergence of colour will consist of the below list of plant breeds:


From the original list (As per initial intent design) densities/m2
Centaurea nigra 12
Lotus corniculatus 12
Plantago lanceolata 12
Ranunculus acris 12
Rumex acetosa 12
Saxifraga granulate (limited stock) 12
Vicia cracca 12
Clinopodium vulgare 12
Daucus carota 12
Echium vulgare 12
Galium verum 12
Geranium pratense 12
Ononis spinosa 12
Salvia pratensis 12
Silene dioica 12
Succisa pratensis 12
Symphytum officinale 12
Tancetum vulgare 12
Triplospermum inodorum 12
Viola tricolor 12


Once the season is over (end of October) we will then strim back and re-seed all areas using the original wildflower mix which is pre-mixed by Wildflower UK in a growing medium – so that come next Spring the community will see the emergence of a new wildflower meadow, enhanced by extra species we have planted this summer.

We also intend to plant flower bulbs – these can start as early as January with snow drops, then crocus, daffs, tulips and alliums – you will see nearly 6 months of flowering with bulbs and they will come up every year. We will discuss this later in the year.

We also intend to tidy and replace where necessary the shrub beds and remove the dead tree which will be replaced in the winter.

The cutting of grass and plug planting is anticipated to commence this week (Friday – subject to change) hopefully you will all agree that now we are out of what has been an abnormal period of inclement weather and we can swiftly commence moving forward.

Should you have any questions, please do let me know by emailing me at ahussain3@lqgroup.org.uk

Thank you

Arafat Hussain – Property Manager

*DO NOT IGNORE* – ASB / Crime incidents

Hi All,

Following some recent incidents whereby residents have been threatened on the development. Please ensure that if you see the individual below, who normally roams the area with other youths, that you stay away, keep your phone within your pocket. If you feel threatened, please call the police on immediately and inform me of the incident on ahussain3@lqgroup.org.uk 

Thank you

Arafat Hussain – Property Manager

PodPoint – ongoing issues

Dear All,

Hope this update finds you well. I am aware of the ongoing PodPoint issues whereby some podpoints are intermittently working/ going out of service.

This is a huge inconvenience for residents and your frustration is noted.

I am currently liaising with PodPoint to resolve the matter and will have an update for you in due course. In the meantime, if you experience any issues, please do let me know by emailing me at ahussain3@lqgroup.org.uk

Thank you

Arafat Hussain – Property Manager

Resident survey for Chobham Manor (Phase 1 residents)

Dear Residents,


We are writing to inform you that that a user survey will be carried out across all homes in Phase 1 week commencing 19 July 2021, as part of the on-going LLDC ‘Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE)’. The aim of the survey is to find out what works and what does not work so well, to help learn and improve future developments.


The survey team will be knocking on all doors in Phase 1 to hand out a paper copy of the survey and complete it on the doorstep with residents where possible. Paper surveys will be collected in the same week and we’d really appreciate it if you could make every effort to complete the survey as soon as convenient. For those that do not wish to complete the paper survey you can alternatively fill out the online survey here bit.ly/Chobham1POE


The survey will be carried out by an independent survey team appointed by LLDC. The site team will be taking all necessary Coronavirus precautions. If you do not wish to be contacted please email POE@londonlegacy.co.uk. All information will be treated confidentially.


Many thanks,

Chobham Manor Estate Management Team

Abercrombie Road

PCM Discount Code

Hi All,

Please note the below new discount code for visitor parking along Abercrombie Road.

Visitor parking on Saturdays now commence from 9AM.


Thank you

Arafat Hussain – Property Manager

Lee Valley Park – Fun Fair

Dear All,

Lee Valley Park will be hosting a fun fair, similar to last year. Please find more details in the link below:

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre Ultimate Funfair 2021 – Fairground Ride Hire and Corporate Funfairs – Irvin Leisure Fairground Ride Hire and Corporate Funfairs – Irvin Leisure

Any questions, please do let me know by emailing me at ahussain3@lqgroup.org.uk

Thank you.

Arafat Hussain – Property Manager