Cherry picker – Keirin Road

Dear All,

Please note, a cherry picker will be present on the corner of Keirin Road (near 25 Villiers Gardens). This is only temporary and will be removed shortly.

There should not be any traffic obstruction, but if there any changes we will be sure to let you know.

Thank you for your understanding.

L&Q | Taylor Wimpey

Phase 2 – Green Area: Lights

Dear All,

Please note, we are aware that the lights on the phase 2 green area need to amended in terms of when they come on and turn off. Rest assured, this will be carried out tomorrow.

Thank you

L&Q – Chohbam Manor Management Team

Abercrombie Road – Temporary Partial Road Closure

Dear All,

Please note, Abercrombie Road will be temporarily, partially closed to allow scaffold strike to block 3D-E (Phase 3).

A mobile crane will be used to drop the scaffold between 8:00AM – 18:00 from the 18th May – 21st May and this will allow vehicles to only use one lane, rather than 2.

From 18:00 onwards, the road will be closed off fully as there will be a crane parked in one lane (closest to Derny Avenue Junction and end of Abercrombie Road, near Temples Mills Lane Junction).

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding.

See 2 drawings below: 



Construction Traffic Management Update

Dear All,

We hope this update finds you well.

We would like to take the time to ensure you are aware of the following:

As of 4th May the second entry exit gate to phase 3 from Temple Mill Lane has been permanently closed to allow for work to take place, due to this we are now having to make use of the gate on to Derny Avenue.

We will try to keep the disruption caused by this to an absolute minimum, but it will mean that construction traffic will be exiting site from this gate on to Derny Avenue and turning left towards Honour Lea Avenue.

If the vehicle leaving site is unable to make the turn on to Derny Avenue it may be necessary for them to travel down Villiers Gardens and turn left up Peloton Avenue. (See image attached in post thumbnail)

All vehicles will be informed of a strict 10mph speed limit whilst driving through the Chobham Manor development and this will be closely monitored at all times. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you

L&Q | Taylor Wimpey

Does your building and neighbourhood meet your needs?

Are you, or is someone in your household, a disabled person, an older adult, expecting a baby or the parent of a small child?

We would really like to talk to you and understand the residential space from your perspective.


Dear Residents,

You might already be familiar with Catalina’s research project on Inclusive Design in the Olympic park area. Catalina is a PhD student from Oxford Brookes University. She visited Chobham Manor last December 2020 to invite residents to participate in a survey. You may have talked to Catalina about her project at the time or received some information in the post. As part of the study Catalina would like to speak to some Chobham Manor residents about their experience of living in your home and the neighbourhood.

Good and inclusive space design is beneficial to all of us. However, some of our community members are more vulnerable to being negatively affected by bad design and barriers present in the built environment.


Are you, or is someone in your household, a disabled person, an older adult, expecting a baby or the parent of a small child? If so, you have a unique way of inhabiting the space. Your life experience makes you more aware of possible challenges and barriers present in the built environment and what works and what doesn’t work for you within those spaces.


Catalina would like to make this study as easy and interactive as possible. Due to the current circumstances, she will do this from a distance via online interviews, videos and photographs to share ideas and discuss them.

If you would like to participate, email Catalina at Catalina would be very grateful to get the chance to talk to you and to learn from your experience.