Abercrombie Road

New PCM resident discount code (May 2021) – Abercrombie Road

Hi All,

We hope you are doing well and most importantly, keeping safe.

Please see below the new discount code for Abercrombie Road visitor parking.

Please ensure you read all the terms and conditions on the signs placed along Abercrombie Road. Any questions, please do contact ChobhamManor1@lqgroup.org.uk


Thank you.

Chobham Manor – Property Management Team

Cherry picker – Coopers Lane temporary road closure

Dear All,

Hope this finds you well. Please note, a cherry picker will be on the junction of Coopers Lane / Villiers Gardens for most of the day. Please use Brewers Lane as a diversion to access the other side of Coopers Lane. We would normally allow vehicles to pass, by moving the fencing, but due to the width of the road, we found it safer and less hassle to just divert the traffic.

We will do our best to be as quick as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

Taylor Wimpey | L&Q


Temporary Road closure – Keirin Road (Villiers Garden junction)

Dear All,

Please note, Keirin Road (Villiers Gardens junction side) will be temporarily closed until 2PM today, due to works being carried out via a cherry picker.

Please access Keirin Road via Abercrombie Road (see plans below).

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause. Rest assured that the barriers will be moved during the works to allow residents access.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Taylor Wimpey | L&Q


Timber Lodge Testing Centre

Hi All,

Just to inform you that London Borough of Newham have agreed that the testing centre at the Timber Lodge can now be booked by the general public at the following link http://www.newham.gov.uk/rapidtesting

Walk in appointments are also possible, and the opening hours are currently:

Monday 10AM – 7PM

Tuesday 7AM – 4PM

Wednesday 10AM – 7PM 

Thursday – 7AM – 4PM

Friday 10AM – 7PM

Saturday 7am- 2pm

Sunday and Bank Holidays – Closed

The facility is expected to operate until 31 May.

Please feel free to share the link above with your neighbours.

Thank you

Chobham Manor Estate Management Team

Vehicle thefts – Chobham Manor

Dear All,

Please be vigilant of suspicious vehicles in Chobham Manor. If you notice a vehicle circling the development, please do your best to report it to the police.

Please include registration, and any description of the driver.

Suspects tend to carry out reconnaissance a few days before they attempt their crime. This can include throwing eggs at a particular house to assess whether someone is actively living in there or simply scope put the footfall traffic at certain times.

If you do notice anything, or are a victim, report it to the police and also let the chobham manor estate management team know. We will be able to examine the CCTV and hopefully assist with the capturing of these criminals.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at ChobhamManor1@lqgroup.org.uk

Thank you.

L&Q – Chobham Manor Management Team.