Catalytic Converter thefts – Please read

Dear All,

There has been a surge in Catalytic Converter thefts in the E20 area and therefore I wanted to take the time to ensure that you was aware of this. If any incidents do occur, or you witness suspicious behaviour, please do contact the police immediately on 999 and report it.

Please also email and let the management team know. We will work with the police and yourselves to tackle the problem as best as we can.

To read more about the thefts on the news please visit the following link: Catalytic converter thefts: Surge in cases reported to Met Police – BBC News

For advice on preventing these sort of crimes happening please visit the following link: What is catalytic converter theft and how can you prevent it? | heycar


Thank you.

Phone snatching – please read

Dear All Residents,

Please be informed that there has been an increase in phone thefts in the E20 area. Please be careful when venturing out. Should you witness or encounter anything, please call 999 immediately and give as much description as you can. Please also report to the Chobham Manor inbox at

If any individuals are spotted on bikes, looing suspicious, please refrain from having your mobile devices out in plain sight. Please use headphones instead.

Thank you and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Communal window cleaning – remaining buildings on phase 1 and 2

Good morning all,

Hope you and your loved ones enjoyed the weekend.

Please note, communal window cleaning will take place today on the remaining buildings on phase 1 and 2 (see marked drawings below).

This will include the main entrance door and the partitioning doors within the building. As always, where some windows may be missed / not cleaned properly, please do let us know and we will ensure these are re-attended to.

Thank you.

Allen House

Burnell House

Compton House


Hewett House


Park View Mansions (5 cores)


Pinney House


Platamone House


Ruckholt House

Bollard lights – Phase 2 ‘The Green’

Dear Residents,

Please note, Taylor Wimpey are working on having the bollard lights across the green reinstated. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Thank you for your ongoing patience.

Taylor Wimpey | L&Q Estate Management Team

Phase 1 and 2 communal window cleaning – Chobham Manor

Dear all residents,

It is that time of year where your windows are due to be cleaned. We will make sure your windows are squeaky clean. As most people are working from home, please expect some noise when windows are being cleaned.

The cleaning will be taking place as follows:

(1). Nolan Mansions and Hyett Court will be the first buildings to be cleaned on Thursday, 18 March 2021. We anticipate these 2 buildings taking approximately 2 days. Minimal disturbance expected. These buildings require a longer length pole, with x2 operatives. Due to short notice, please accept this as notification of window cleaning. Signs have been placed on the front communal doors of each Hyett Court building to inform you of this and an SMS will be going out in the morning of 18.03.2021. We apologise for the short notice, but the same process applies as the previous year.

(2). Remaining phase 1 windows will be cleaned – Cleaning for these buildings will start w/c 22nd March 2021. Chobham Life notice will go up by Friday 19 March, along with an SMS and communal notices.

(3). Remaining phase 2 windows will be cleaned – Cleaning for these buildings will start w/c 22nd March 2021. Chobham Life notice will go up by Friday 19 March, along with an SMS and communal notices.

Where windows may have been missed / not properly cleaned, we will ensure this is revisited. Please contact to report any issues.

Please see the elevation drawings below, identifying the windows that will be cleaned as part of the process. Windows which allow for residents to fully open and flip around, will not be cleaned.

An official schedule of window cleaning will be posted for Chobham Manor in due course.

Nolan Mansions 1-29 & 30-61

Hyett Court – Peloton, Honour Lea & Derny Avenue




Vodafone Filming – 17.03.2021

Hi All,

We have received a filming request from Vodafone to carry out video shoots along Peloton Avenue (exact location in plans below).

Time of arrival: 3pm – 3.45pm

Duration of shoot: 2-3 hours maximum

Time of departure: 6pm – 6.30pm

Will traffic be diverted? Yes. The crew will allow as much traffic to pass through as possible. Where it is not possible, there will be traffic management in place to divert vehicles down an alternative route i.e. Villiers Gardens. There will also be appropriate signage to ensure residents are aware of the current situation.

Who has given permission for the filming to take place at Chobham Manor?

The Chobham Manor LLP and the LLDC have granted permission

How COVID guidelines will be adhered to: Face coverings are to be worn at all times and crew members are organised into ‘bubbles’ with work areas demarcated. Social distancing of 2m between crew is enforced with a dedicated COVID-19 supervisor present on set at all times. Those crew members for whom social distancing is not possible i.e. with on-screen talent, will be PCR Covid tested in advance of the shoot. Additional measures such as PPE, visors and hand sanitiser dispensers will be readily available & provided by production. See following link for more details: APA COVID Shooting Guidelines v1.9

Where will the vehicles park to load/unload their equipment? The Property Management team have reserved 2 loading bays along Peloton Avenue for the duration of filming. The crew are aware of the parking restrictions and failure to adhere to them will result in a parking penalty.

What if I have questions? Please contact

Will my private parking spaces be used ?

No. The property management team have reserved x2 loading bays for the crew to use whilst on site.

How will I access my private parking space, if the filming is taking place?

There will be short intervals of diversion, where traffic will be asked to take an alternative route. However, the crew have been asked to keep these obstructions short and with minimal hinderance.

What level of noise and disruption can we expect?

There will no PA or motor engine noises. There will be some discussions between the crew, but the filming company have confirmed that noise will be kept to a minimal.

Will L&Q be on site during the filming?

Yes. L&Q will be on site for the duration of the filming to ensure instructions are being followed.



Keep your loo in order

Advice on what to flush and what not to flush – Please Read

Dear residents,

Conscious of residents staying at home more, it is imperative that we take a read of the below information via the hyperlink. This will aid in preventing blocks drains and drainage systems.

bin-it-dont-block-it-Pinney House

Should you notice a blocked drain, please contact your management team in the first instance at

Otherwise, please call 0300 456 9996 if the management team are unavailable.

Thank you and enjoy your weekend.

Remaining Oak Tree replacement – Update

Hi All,

Taylor Wimpey have replaced several dead trees at the beginning of the year. The 3 remaining dead trees (see plan attached) are due to be replaced week commencing 8th March 2021.

Locations of x3 trees are as follows: 

  • Peloton Avenue (close to Pinney House)
  • Phase 1 Rain Garden – closest to Millers Row
  • Villiers Gardens (close to phase 4 – Olympic Park Avenue)

Remaining dead trees

Enjoy your weekend.

Taylor Wimpey | L&Q Chobham Manor Estate Management Team

Phase 3 – Crane dismantle (please read)

Hi All,

Hope all is well. Please find below hyperlink for your read.

Residents Letter road closure 9th 10th March Crane dismantle

Should you have any questions, please do contact Matt Aylen – Assistant Site Manager on

Thank you for your understanding in advance

Taylor Wimpey | L&Q Estate Management Team

Abercrombie Road

New PCM resident discount code – Abercrombie Road

Hi All,

We hope you are doing well and most importantly, keeping safe.

Please see below the new discount code for Abercrombie Road visitor parking.

Please ensure you read all the terms and conditions on the signs placed along Abercrombie Road. Any questions, please do contact


Thank you.

Chobham Manor – Property Management Team