Open Meeting and AGM 2020 – Chobham Manor Residents Association (CMRA)

Hi All,

We hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Please do take the time to see the poster below for the attention of all residents.

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Chobham Life November 2020 Newsletter

The November 2020 edition of Chobham Life is now available.

Download your copy here: 17th Edition_CM Newsletter – November 2020

Chobham Life newsletter is now only being delivered electronically. We would very much appreciate if you can help share the link for the November 2020 newsletter with your Chobham Manor neighbours.

Derny Avenue road closure

Hi All,

We hope the weekend was a good one and you and your loved ones are safe.

There will be drainage works taking place, week commencing 23.11.2020, linking drainage from phase 3 to the existing drainage on phase 2. Due to these works, it will be necessary to temporarily close Derny Avenue to vehicles at the junction of Honour Lea Avenue. Pedestrian walkways will not be affected.

The work is expected to take 5 days, so we apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

The drawing below indicates the diversion routes. For those residents accessing the under croft parking (labelled with a blue ‘P’ icon) in Hyett Court, please access through Peloton Avenue, through Villiers Gardens and into Derny Avenue.

We thank you for your ongoing patience.

Taylor Wimpey | L&Q

We all need somebody to lean on…

And with that in mind, since Lockdown 1 , CMRA representatives have been in discussion with The Yard Theatre and East Village, to look at how we might be “good neighbours” at this time.

Funds were secured from East Village and L&Q, and food supplied via Newham Outreach, and using The Hall as a base, we have been able to assist 30 local families in need of a little “ grocery” help since June. ( Fresh bread is being supplied by Signorelli’s).

Space is tight and we must respect social distancing but operations are expanding. We are asking you to help if you can over the coming weeks and months by supplying other things that have been requested.

If you think you can help please contact us at and bring things to The Hall at the appropriate time and when requested. You can “ bubble up ’ and become   a collection group in your block or street for particular items. (All the details are on the Yard site )

Financial donations will be accepted , again use The Yard contact details.

If you have some time to spare on Wednesdays to help with Deliveries , 12-2pm( Walking Distance), we’d be happy to hear from you

And if you could do with a little help yourself at this time just let Sadia or Arafat know and they will contact us.

Arafat and Sadia can be reached at

Pat, Tabea,

and Elaine ( Yonka retail )

November 2020


Rain Garden – Plan to reinstate initial design

Dear all residents,
Further to the survey which was sent out, to which the result are as follows.
L&Q have instructed for the initial design of the rain garden to be reinstated. Tomorrow (Thursday, 19th November 2020), work will commence on weeding the entire rain garden area, including a small area in the play area section.

Following this, the ground will be scarified to ensure moss and thatch is exposed and removed. Once this is complete, the wildflower seeds and the rich daisy seeds will be scattered and covered with top soil.
The area is going to be closed off along the perimeters using barrier tape. Parents and children will still be able to access the play area. However, there will be a small green section that will be closed off. (Please see plans attached).
We appreciate this may be inconvenient, however in the interest of restoring nature back to phase 1 rain garden, it is necessary. We trust that residents will ensure this area is not accessed until further notice from L&Q management team.
We hope to see a positive change to the façade of the rain garden, and this is not possible without your care for the development and assistance.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact
Chobham Manor Estate Management Team.

Donations of toiletries and hygiene products

The Yard is looking for some donations to help local people during the pandemic.

Could you donate some toiletries to support your neighbours during this tricky time?

If you can, please drop off your donations at The Hall, 2 Victory Parade on Wednesdays between 10am – 5pm and we’ll send them out to local families.

We’re looking for:

  • soap
  • toilet paper
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • shower gel
  • sanitary pads
  • bleach and cleaning products

Find out more here:

Organisational structure change – L&Q

Hi all,

We’re excited to have launched a new regional model which we believe will give greater benefits to our teams and a better service to our residents.

Place: This will focus on the standards of our estates and the look and feel of the local environment. The Place division will be responsible for locally based caretaking, estate inspections, the customer facing element of service charges, and the management of external contractors delivering cleaning and grounds maintenance contracts. This service will be led by the Assistant Director, Resident Services (Place).

People: This will be led by the Assistant Director of Resident Services (People) and will focus on case management and a more intensive service for our most vulnerable residents. We’ll increase our activity and response to anti-social behaviour, tackling illegal occupancy, and tenancy fraud.

Property: This will focus on day to day repairs and voids service. This service will be led by the Director of Maintenance Services, who will also have a client monitoring function for major works such as planned maintenance, decent homes and health and safety work.

Lettings: There will also be a regionalised Lettings service which will increase opportunities for residents to move home via an enhanced service offer for Mutual Exchanges, along with a new Lettings Policy and a dedicated Rehousing service.  This service will be led by the Assistant Director of Lettings.

Should you have any further questions regarding the above, please email


L&Q Shared Ownership homes for sale at Chobham Manor

L&Q Sales Team are pleased to announce the launch of one, two and three bedroom Shared Ownership homes at Chobham Manor.

All homes benefit from private outdoor space, integrated appliances and easy access to open green areas.

Prices start from £115,000 (for a 25% share based on a full market value of £460,000).

The new show home is open now.

Find out how L&Q can get you moving by registering your interest here

Inappropiate parking on Chobham Manor

Hi All,

Recently we have seen an influx of vehicles parking inappropriately on the development. If you have visitors, contractors, taxi services, deliveries from couriers or simply moving in / out, you must ensure that vehicles do not park in the following manners:

a) On pavements (pedestrian walkways)

b) On numbered bays which do not belong to you

c) On cycle lanes

It is imperative that we work with yourselves to maintain Chobham Manor and ensure best practice is adopted sooner than later. Furthermore, L&Q will work with the other stakeholders to mitigate against this situation.

Inappropriate parking brings about various issues, but not limited to:

a) Parking penalties 

b) Inconvenience neighbours as well as them having to appeal a potential penalty charge

c) Paving damage (we will charge back any contractors who do so)

d) Hazard to cyclists and pedestrians 

e) Hinders emergency services (i.e. Ambulance services, Fire Brigade).


What can you do as a resident of Chobham Manor?

Anyone who is visiting site in any way or form must be informed of the parking policy on site. The easiest way to do this, is for them to read the appropriate signage which are plentiful across the development. Also, please do direct them to Abercrombie Road where parking is available (restrictions apply). If the restrictions preclude you from obtaining parking for your visitors, contact to discuss other options.

If you are a leaseholder / freeholder and you are renting your property, you will need to ensure your tenants are kept abreast of the parking policy on Chobham Manor. Residents who live on the development have paid for their parking spaces. Illegal parking will not be tolerated.

What will we do?

We will ensure that vehicles parked illegally are dealt with, by way of a penalty charge from PCM (Parking Control Management) UK ltd. Invariably, if any damages are caused we will utilise our resources to charge those responsible for the damage. We will also work alongside residents to mitigate these incidents further.

We thank you for your ongoing cooperation.


Chobham Manor Estate Management Team.