Green roof site visit – Phase 1

Dear Residents of Phase 1,

We sincerely hope all is well with you and your loved ones.

Following the text message that was sent out on 28.07.20 regarding a visit from LLDC, I wanted to take the time to clear up any confusion.

The visit was to visually inspect the various green/brown roof elements on Phase 1. The survey was not chargeable to residents. This survey does not form a part of the management of the green areas. The inspection will feed into LLDC’s Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) survey.


Many thanks,

Chobham Manor Estate Management Team



Community Buying Co-op Survey

Interested in joining a Chobham Manor community buying cooperative?

A few residents have been discussing the idea of setting up a community buying project for healthy, sustainable, lightly packaged food and cleaning products. We would like to know how much interest there would be from the wider Chobham Manor community.


The proposal:

  • Aim start a pilot project in September 2020
  • Gather a group of interested households
  • Take monthly orders for produce
  • Arrange delivery of goods from a supplier
  • Take payment from and arrange collection by participating households from a convenient location in Chobham Manor.

Of course, given current concerns over coronavirus, careful hygiene and social distancing measures will be put in place.


If you are interested, please complete our 3 minute online survey:
Survey closes Friday 28 August 2020


CROP Co-op Survey Poster


Future focus:

If the project is successful, we would consider another community sharing project such as setting up a ‘library of things’ where residents can borrow equipment owned by the community e.g. borrowing a power drill or ladder.

We are also interested to hear of any other ideas you may have, you can share your ideas through the survey.


For more information contact CROP (Chobham Residents Orchard Project) by email


Also, don’t miss out on the CROP Wildflower Hunt, visit here for more information



Anti-social behaviour in the local area – LLDC

Dear Residents of Chobham Manor,

On Saturday 18 July 2020, we witnessed an illegal rave being held in the Olympic Park. The situation quickly escalated and we understand how our residents and that of East Village may have felt. We take these unauthorised events seriously and will continue to work closely with our local partners to minimise this sort of disruption

Mark Camley – Executive Director of Park and Venues at the London Legacy Development Corporation sent out the following statement to reassure residents:

I am bringing local organisations together to look at the anti-social behaviour issues in the area. We are disappointed and frustrated, as you are, that people want to cause disruption in the local area.

I chaired a meeting on Wednesday with senior representatives of LBN, East Village, Lee Valley and the Metropolitan Police, including the Borough Commander. The meeting focussed on what more we could do collectively to deal with the issues in and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, including East Village and Chobham Manor, and what specific measures we could put in place to make the best of our resources across the estate.

We agreed to:

  • Improved sharing of intelligence (although none of the agencies were aware of any information before the event on Saturday)
  • Increased and co-ordinated patrolling this coming weekend
  • Improved communication protocol if there is an issue

We can never guarantee that everything will be stopped but all organisations within available resources are redoubling efforts together to make it as unattractive and difficult for this sort of event in the future.

We also discussed re-starting the ward policing panel and I will follow up on that separately. 

As usual, should you notice anti-social behaviour of any sort, you should contact the local authorities and ensure you log your crime reference number. The recent pandemic has witnessed a momentous growth in community spirit, and we, L&Q, are certain issues such as this require just that; a unified approach to rid of such events.

Should you have any further questions or queries, please contact




East Village newsletter – On Your Doorstep

The summer edition of ‘On Your Doorstep’ East Village newsletter is now live at:

This edition includes:

  • Updates from our community team with activities and support for families
  • Latest virtual events
  • What’s on in the local area
  • East Village retailers currently operating
  • Safety and security messages from Team East Village

Chobham Manor – Playgrounds now open

Dear Residents,

The play area and outdoor gym has reopened. Please check for the latest updates and an FAQ which covers this, along with other information that you might find useful.

Should you have any questions, please email

Best wishes,

L&Q Chobham Manor Estate Management Team.


Reporting suspicious behaviour / Nuisance

Dear Residents,

After an increase in individuals loitering around the Velodrome area, I wanted to take the time to ensure you are aware of the following processes to help mitigate against criminal activities and nuisance.


What do I do if i believe someone is acting suspicious?

Report them to the police right away on (101 – non emergency). Keep note of your crime number. Take note of as much information as possible, such as clothing, height, age, times, registration number and anything else you may deem as necessary and can help the police with investigating.

Should you notice any vehicles on site that draw your immediate attention (no permit, speeding excessively, individuals loitering around the vehicle, not road worthy), then take down the number plate. Do not approach them. As long as you have the rough time of their arrival, L&Q can work with the police to ensure they are dealt with appropriately.

All information you obtain can help to further any investigation – so please do share them with L&Q and the police.


I have noticed a crime, who shall I call? 101 or 999?

If a crime is taking place, then you should immediately call 999. The unit who responds will automatically cascade the information obtained down to the local neighbourhood police who have thorough local knowledge.

Chobham Manor is a family oriented and peaceful development and we would like to maintain that with your help.


A creative summer project from The Yard



Looking for creative things to do this summer?


The Yard Theatre has spaces for young people aged 6-19 years to join our free digital summer project, For You, From Me and make something amazing.


For You, From Me is a new digital project designed in response to our newly disconnected world. Over four weeks, working with top-quality creative facilitators, we will blend together creative tasks at home with live video workshops to help you find new ways to make connections, to keep creative and learn some new theatre-making skills.


See below or follow the link For You, From Me for more information about the relevant age group projects and apply now to experiment, learn and create alongside a professional artist – all for FREE!


Ages 15-19 Summer project The Yard Theatre:

Ages 11-14 Summer project The Yard Theatre:

Ages 6-10 Summer project The Yard Theatre:


Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything, please email or call/WhatsApp 07523298482


Part of East Summer School and
Discover Young Hackney

Summer School 2020

East Summer School 2020

Starting Monday 27th July 2020 – Hosted by LLDC

The East Summer School  is back this year and for the first time the hosts are bringing it all to you online!

Know someone who lives in Newham? aged 12-17? and interested in creative, tech and design industries, why not sign up by clicking the following link


Power cut – Chobham Manor

Dear Residents,

We want to take the time to firstly thank you for your patience Yesterday (15.07.2020) when we experienced a power cut which affected some of the lane houses and Windsor House in Phase 1. The power cut was not due to nearby construction work on Phase 4. UKPN were on site after several calls from residents. UKPN advised that the network had a momentary lapse and was resolved by 5pm.

Some residents may have experienced a loss of water. Please do not be concerned as this was also connected to the power network.

Should an issue like this occur again, your first port of call should be to contact UKPN on 0800 31 63 105 and inform them. You should also, as you did yesterday, contact your management team (L&Q).

Apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced.

Phase 4

Olympic Park Avenue traffic management plans – Commencing Monday 13th July

Dear all residents of Chobham Manor,

In order to manage deliveries for phase 4 safely, we are required to extend the current hoarding position into Olympic Avenue. The Olympic Park Avenue traffic management plan consists of the following 2 stages.

  1. It will be necessary to close Olympic Park Avenue along the front of phase 4 (see drawing below) for a period of two weeks, commencing Monday 13th July 2020. Road signs will be located in the positions shown on the below drawing. This shows traffic being diverted into Honour Lea Avenue and around the development apart from for access only.
  2.  Following the completion of stage 1, a one way system will be put in place outside phase 4, allowing passage for vehicles travelling North to South and diverting vehicles around the development needing access from South to North.

Please note – No parking bays will be affected by this road closure.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Should you have any queries regarding this traffic management plan, please do not hesitate to contact Matt Aylen at


road closure drawing