E20 Football Foundation – online schedule

Hello Neighbours,


I hope you are all safe and well.


I’m delighted that we finished week 4 last week of the ‘Home Olympics’ having collectively received over 85,000 views across the world and used in 18 schools/colleges across England.


Please find below our up to date with daily online football schedule that started this week. We are looking at reaching as many of the local community as possible, you’re all welcome to join in if you can.


We’re hoping to have prizes for weekly winners in the form of a football activity pack: soft ball, kit, cones etc.


Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Jonathan Silman

Community Sport Academies




Football Unites Online Schedule

On Your Doorstep – East Village Newsletter

Get Living London have launched their first digital edition of ON YOUR DOORSTEP, East Village’s community newsletter which is now available here: www.getliving.com/eastvillage-onyourdoorstep


This is where residents can find the latest news, events and offers in E20. There are details of how some of the retailers have adapted to Coronavirus times, promoting takeaway services and online classes.

no clothes to be dried on balconies

Balconies MUST be kept clear – No drying of clothes

During the first week of April L&Q sent out a text message to all residents. The text message stated the following:

Dear residents,

The weather is amazing, and we can be tempted to dry our washing out in the gardens, balconies and roof terraces, but please ensure you do not erect washing lines or drape them over your balconies.

Thank you in advance and stay safe”

We understand that washing and drying clothes, combined with the beautiful weather can resort us to the practice of letting the UV rays do the drying for us. After all, it is a common household chore and we all have to do it. However, let’s be sensible and respect the upkeep of our beloved development and make sure that your balconies are kept clear. It is for your own health and safety, and that of your loved ones. You may not see the risk, however, it is our (L&Q’s) responsibility to ensure you, your family and all the other families on the development are safe and sound.

Following this, L&Q have deemed it necessary to clarify some points in relation to the above topic. Below are points which apply to all residents within Chobham Manor. These include but do not limit to:

  • No clothes should be seen displayed on the external part of any building. It distorts the image of the development.
  • You should not be putting your clothes out to dry on your balconies under no circumstances. Your internal properties have been designed to allow for you to dry them inside. Drying clothes on balconies poses as a fire risk. Should ash from cigarettes reach the materials, they will set alight.
  • Your lease / tenancy agreement states that balconies must be kept clear. Non-compliance is a direct breach of your agreements.
  • You can not display your washing on a clothes airer
  • Those seen drying clothes will be addressed and asked to remove it immediately. We will be monitoring this practice on the development

Drying clothes on your balconies, be it on a clothes airer or draped over the frame poses a risk to everyone. It is also an eye sore.

Please be mindful moving forward. It is now, more than ever that we as a development must come together in unity.

Thank you in advance.

Stepping Out of Lockdown webinars

Dear Residents,


The Employment Support Team part of the L&Q Foundation would like to invite you to participate in a series of webinars titled “Stepping Out of Lockdown” aimed at helping you to come out of this unprecedented period feeling more confident, positive and work towards building a better future.


The first session/webinar is scheduled to take place on each wednesday over a period of three weeks starting on Wednesday 6 May 2020 from 11am11.40am and will cover the following –


Stepping Out of Lockdown: Introduction – Wednesday 6 May 2020

  • Giving you the space to evaluate where you are now and start thinking about what matters to you
  • Explore what you would like to gain from attending these workshops


Stepping Out of Lockdown: Boost your Confidence, Happiness and Wellbeing – Wednesday 13 May 2020

  • Understand what confidence is
  • Recognise the impact of what you think, say and act on your life
  • Create tools to help you increase your happiness and sense of wellbeing


Stepping Out of Lockdown: Setting Effective Goals – Wednesday 20 May 2020

  • Clarify what you really want in your career and your life
  • Gain the courage to set highly desirable goals
  • Create realistic deadlines for each of your goals


Each interactive webinar session will last a total of 40 minutes and be delivered on a weekly basis, however we will ask you to log onto the workshop Zoom platform 10 – 15 minutes before the start of the workshop to be ready to start promptly at 11am.


Please contact Deborah Cohen E: DCohen@lqgroup.org.uk to confirm your place or to find out more


Many thanks and kind regards,


Abrar Qureshi


Employer Engagement Co-ordinator

L&Q | Email: aqureshi@lqgroup.org.uk



Home Olympics

Hi Everyone,


In place of our regular sessions, E20 Football Foundation have been delivering ‘Home Olympics’ via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (follow E20 Football Foundation and Football Unites). We have been uploading content on YouTube, Football Unites and LinkedIn.


We’d love for you to join in and add your scores in the comments. All scores will need to be verified with a video in order to be entered for a weekly prize. Remember to use #homeolympics.


For more info please visit our Facebook Page @E20FootballFoundation.


Please note: we apologise, due to the current situation concerning the Coronavirus outbreak, we have been advised by government and the Football Governing Body to postpone E20 Football Foundation sessions. This will also result in some of our planned tournaments/events being postponed however please keep up to date by following our events on the Facebook page @E20FootballFoundation

We are extremely grateful for all the support we have received from members and sponsors, and we look forward to reopening soon once we know what the future holds.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Jonathan Silman

Director, E20 Football Foundation